The Session Experience

a laid back approach

Make It Fun

I know there is a lot of prep for a session. Getting everyone dressed is a task in its self. I don’t believe it needs to be any more stressful than that. I want to capture you interacting with each other & having fun. It doesn’t have to be just  “say cheese” lets capture your love in an authentic way.

Capturing you

I believe that capturing the real you is the most important part. Everyone looking at the camera & saying cheese is not what we do here. I want to showcase your love & connection as a family. I do not edit out anything that is permanent on your body. Beyond minor blemishes and bruises the images will be a true reflection of you, which to me is perfect.


I mostly book during the week with the exception to a few weekend dates a month. I myself have a young family & while this is what I love to do, they always come first. I will try to accommodate as much as possible so if you don't see something that works for you, let me know.

Doing it your way

Want to have a cozy in home session? a picnic in the park? splash around on the beach? Lets do that! What do you like to do together? Lets incorporate things that make your family unique. If you have a vision or an idea, I want to bring that to life. Not sure what that will look like? I can help you figure it out.


This should be fun! I find that instead of worrying about the perfect pose, just being yourself & having fun usually results in a better outcome. It's ok if the kids cry or things don't go as planned, embrace the messy I say! I have a very relaxed approach and am generally a laid back person. I do however care deeply about my clients. I want to be more than your photographer, lets be friends!

memories that last

The kids are growing & these are the memories that will hang on your walls for years to come. The photos your kids will show their kids and say "look this is me when I was your age" They are forever increasing in value.

ALL welcome

I do not care what you look like, what you wear, who you love or what your family dynamic looks like. I know that families come in all shapes & sizes. I am here to capture all types. I myself have a blended family. I get it, I got you, DON'T WORRY!

now that you know about me & what i do...

Lets connect! I want to hear about you.