The wedding Experience

I love working with couples who are looking to be as true to themselves as possible. That have a vision and want to see it come to life. The ones that aren’t looking for the perfect pose but the most authentic versions of themselves captured through the lens.

I am a laid back go with the flow type of girl. I don’t stress the small stuff & can roll with the punches. This is your day & whatever you want to do, I am here for it.

You have a big decision to make & I want you have all the information before you make the final call. I want you to have everything you have dreamed of & more.


My goal is not to shoot as many weddings as possible. I only take on a select few a year to make sure that I can give them the correct attention & avoid burnout. I am alllll about that balance. It is so tempting to take on everything, but I know I will not be the best photographer or be serving you the way you deserve if I do that.

Capturing you

I believe that capturing the real you is the most important part. I ditch the idea of the "right" angles and focus on capturing the authentic, real you and the connection you have between each other. I want the little look you give each other, or the way you laugh at their joke, that's the good stuff right there. I am a firm believer that if it is apart of you, it stays in the image. Beyond minor blemishes and bruises, the images will be a true reflection of you, which to me is perfect.

Doing it your way

Whether it be just the two of you, a small gathering or a room of 200 guests. It should be what YOU want. I think so many people get caught up in pleasing other people, they forget about what their wedding day is all about. As long as it is truly what you want, I want to be apart of it.


I have a very relaxed approach and am generally a laid back person. I don't sweat the small stuff that's for sure. I will however be extremely invested in making sure your vision comes to life, creating it together. I want to be more than just your wedding photographer, I want to be someone you can come to & feel comfortable with. Let's have some laughs, maybe shed some tears and get you married!

memories that last

Listen, I know that this is an investment. Everyone deserves to find a photographer to fit their needs and I know I might not be in everyones cup of tea & that's ok. This is what you are going to have to look back on to remember this once in a lifetime moment. The photos you will show your children & grandchildren. They should be a true reflection of your love, personality & commitment and with a photographer that you have a connection to.


I do not care what you look like, what you wear or who you love. Connection is all that matters - love is love. Welcoming everyone, I would love to be apart of your day.

now that you know about me & what i do...

Lets connect! I want to hear about you.